Sunday, November 2, 2014

Treasures and Trades

One of the writings for the week that you can read in full on The Bottom Line if you like.  Here's the intro:

treasure chestIn the 1970s there was a popular game show called “Let’s Make a Deal.”  After multiple small trades, the show concluded with an opportunity for two participants to trade their winnings for a mystery deal behind Door 1, Door 2 or Door 3.  It was a fun game with trust on the part of traders and integrity on the part of the organizers.  Traders often gave up personal items such as shoes or purses only to receive them back at the end—often with hidden treasures inside.  When traders won ‘zonk’ prizes such as a live lama or a person dressed in an animal costume, an option to take cash instead came with them.   Everyone left a winner.
We have that same potential in life:  assured winnings!  Every day offers us ‘trades,’ and none are small...

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