Admonitions for wives

Specific Admonitions to wives...though all are easily adaptable to husbands :<).

• Foundation of home must be placed upon Jesus Christ

• Encourage spouse to develop his potential…to become the man God wants him to be.

• Trust God to fit you together as you obey Him; He will suit you to your spouse in unique ways. He knits families together and helps them grow in related ways.

• Speak his language of love not your own…know how he feels loved and valued.

• Confess your shortcomings; seek God’s grace to obey His ways. Recognize strengths & weaknesses are God’s tools for transforming each of you. Trust God with your failings.

• Serve sacrificially. Trust God to meet your needs rather than demand consideration.

• Submit to God’s timing in your needs, in your husband’s growth.

• Move Over! Your husband’s job is to lead, not yours. Be sure you follow! Be his partner.

• Show appreciation; it will be a source of encouragement—food for life—his, yours, marriage