Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hidden Treasures

Reality TV
Reality TV is such an odd title for shows made for television. Immensely popular, they are not known to provide much ‘reality.’  Would you believe there is a glimpse of divine design to be seen in shows such as Junk Gypsies, Pawn Stars, Rehab Addict and even Super Nanny?  Their popularity sprouts from a place deep within us that calls us to uncover treasure.  In a world which chases recognition as a sign of success, a deep longing for intrinsic value to be recognized exists.  Reality TV shows that focus on restoration, whether transforming trash, rehabbing a shabby home or healing broken families, speak a truth we know in the depths of our souls:  true treasures are worthy of time and effort.  That deep longing within us finds its roots in the creation of mankind.
Travel back with me to the Genesis record of creation.  Each day of creation finds God assessing His work with “…and it was good.”   On that last day of creation, when He brought forth man, God said about the day’s work, “…it was very good.”  All of creation expressed the nature of God: 

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