Friday, October 24, 2014

Guided by His Eye!

Hello, my friends!  This week I had the fun of writing about Riesa and Scooby for the Bottom Line...  here's the link and a little piece to let you know if you are interested in the rest :).  By the way, I am in the process of creating new site that I will be sharing with you all soon!  Have a blessed day.

The Bottom Line

What’s He Looking At?

Guide with eye
It was the second week of horse training.  Quietly the trainer explained, “Today we will teach him that where you look, he must move.”  I had never heard of such a thing and watched with interested amusement.  Within five minutes, amusement turned to awe.  By then the diminutive trainer had helped the horse understand what she wanted.  As she leaned to the right and stared at the horses’ hindquarters, the 1200 pound beast began to pivot in a circle, moving only his hind end.  “You see.  As soon as he understood what I was asking, he did it,” she casually explained.
My mind immediately thought of two scriptures—and my frequent failure ....

To read the rest, visit:  The Bottom Line

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