Sunday, November 23, 2014

Prayers that change the atmosphere!

Hey, friends!  We have so much to give thanks for...and so much to pray for...let's use the power and privilege we have as His children and change this world!

Can prayer change a whole community?

The world around us often echoes with sirens and cries.  “Let’s pray about it,” sometimes feels like an escapist retort.  “Let’s do something about it,” seems futile.  The news coverage out of Ferguson, MO gave us a glimpse of the sad realities of crime and distrust.  Fear, rage and rampant crime escalated so rapidly the Governor activated the National Guard.  Private gun sales increased by 300%.  Fear feeds on itself, and the situation seemed poised for more tragedy.  There is another side of the story though!  An awesome reportfrom the Heartland Apostolic Prayer News offers us a different look—and inspiration for all our cities.
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