Friday, January 17, 2014


Good morning, friends.  I trust God is at work in and through you this new year!  I have felt led to do mini-glimpses of God this year in the public forum of Facebook rather than the daily devotion.  I miss showing up in your inboxes, though.

This morning, I feel led to share a prayer with you.  This world entangles us in some ugly battles, but Jesus overcomes the world.  I read the Exodus this morning and Miriam's song.  Her song is ours!  There is NOTHING our God cannot do!

Let's pray.

Father, thank you that you stop the enemy when we step forward in faith.  Strengthen us to allow the hard things of life to drive us to the courage we need to step step into the plans and purposes you have for each of us and for our loved ones.  Complaints and fear counter the faith which conquers.  Silence all that rises up to defeat us.

Victory is ours in Jesus.  His name has power we must employ in the battles that seek to drown us.  May your glory be so bright, we are blinded to the enemy.  May your glory shine from our faith in You, so that our loved ones are drawn to you. 

May our hearts rejoice in your greatness so that ALL will know you.

We claim your victory over every battle being fought and rejoice in YOU. 

In thankfulness for Jesus, in desire for His glory we pray AMEN!

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