Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Do you see Him?

I am always so glad as I reach the final pages of my Bible at the end of the year, that I can begin again tomorrow and find new delights!  Seeing Jesus:  that was my theme today and my desire for the new year.

To o czym chce mówić teraz to zachęta, że na tej wojnie nie ...The scripture today had my King of Kings and Lord of Lords--the One who is Faithful and True appear on the white horse.  His army came behind Him but they did not have to fight; when the King appears, the enemies are conquered!  When I see Jesus for who He is, I live in victory.  The angel told John, the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.  The witness we have of Jesus--the accounts of Him as Faithful and True--are the life of what is to come.  Again and again in the closing chapters of Revelation, Jesus says "I come."  And He also says, anyone who is thirsty can come drink of the water of life!    This world will make you thirsty!  Go drink.  Then witness to the One who gives you satisfaction. 

My church calls these testimonies of Christ's work "Glory Stories." We are regularly asked to recall and share them.  There is great wisdom in that.  In the coming year, I hope to encourage folks to tell their glory stories and help them do so.  Where has Jesus rode in on His white horse and brought victory for you?  Tell others.

And then one last thought from these pages:  the new Jerusalem, the bride of Christ.  Pure brilliance, jewels and gold that gleam with the glory of God.  That is your destiny and mine.  Together, we are His beauty.  Might that inspire your heart to see Him more clearly! 

Thanks for walking with me this year.  I have been blessed by this challenge of daily records of the Word.  My prayer is that you have as well.

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