Monday, December 30, 2013

Hard Stuff

A focus on the pouring out of the wrath of God challenges me--probably because I am too earthbound.  It isn't a challenge for those in heaven--they rejoice and sing praises.  One of the commentaries I read reflects on the fact that angels who rejoice in the repentance of one sinner also rejoice in the dispensing of wrath.  Their view is more pure than mine.  Consider this quote from the same (Meyer) commentary:  "God’s love is not soft and emasculated, but strong, vigorous, and righteous." 

Love is not the ooey, gooey stuff of romance novels.  It is devoted to a right outcome regardless of the difficulties.
 So as I read, I was reminded that this world indeed is passing away.  The source of our joys matters.  All that is the world, all that is of sin wastes our time--and causes tremendous grief and devastation.  Babylon and the Beast served (and serve) themselves and feast upon the lives of those they beguile.  They destroy the earth, and God will destroy them.  Some of Babylon's wares are pleasant; God says sin is enjoyable for a time.  But the end bears our attention. 

The wrath of God is as glorious as His love for they are one and the same.  He alone knows the end from the beginning.  He knows what is best.  In this battlefield, we must submit and align our hearts with the King of Kings.  The Spirit searches our hearts for truth; we can choose His revelations or refuse them...our choices are our path to the end.  Choosing sin leaves us empty and ashamed and leads to destruction.  God's ways work when we employ them.  The process may challenge us but the outcome will be lasting joy when we choose Him!

As this year closes out, let us commit ourselves: 
  • to allowing the Holy Spirit to search our hearts,
  • to responding to His conviction with obedience. 

In these pages of Revelation, folks who feel the wrath refuse repentance.  They revile God instead of receiving Him.  They choose Babylon and the Beast.  Let us not do that.

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