Tuesday, December 3, 2013

On the faith train!

The miracle and magnitude of faith and grace excites my heart this morning.  The book of Romans has so much incredible stuff packed into it!  Faith is our transport into the very glory of God.  That is today's takeaway.

Scripture says our faith gives God glory; He already has glory; faith simply opens our eyes to see it! 
Faith leads us into the Cross where we find a land of Grace that offers endless joy in the glory of God.  That is a sentence with truths we can explore for eternity! 

Faith only comes into play when a problem bigger than our personal resources plops itself in our lap.  So, do you see any problems in your life bigger than you?  I hope so!  Faith demands humility that accepts our need...and believes in His good grace that will capably cover those needs.  When we hit that point of faith, our joy bubbles up and over from fathomless depths. 

Paul says we then not only rejoice in Him, we rejoice in everything that helps us see Him--troubles included!  Seeing God for who He is brings such delight, we will endure anything to enjoy His presence.  This is the incredible passage that says trials are a joy because they build a willingness to suffer that creates experiences that teach us the certainty of our hope in God's goodness!  That hope is never disappointed because it leads us right into the love of God. 

It sure is a marvelous plan God implemented!  There was a 'ruler timeline' I saw for the first time this morning:  When Adam sinned, Death became King; that reign ended when the Law entered and Sin became King; Sin ruled unto Jesus ushered in Grace.  The first two reigns ended with death; the Law just helped open eyes to the end destination. But grace reigns unto life! 

Need.  Faith.  Grace.  Life.  I like it!

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