Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Faith or Fear?

The life of faith trusts in the orchestration of God.  All we need to do is worship the King of Kings!  It sounds so easy, but the practical realities of that sort of life can get messy.  Paul shows us the power of living in faith.  Arrested and confined because, as he says, "He worshipped God differently than the religious establishment.", Paul never wavered from that worship.  He knew who God was and He lived for God...and nothing else.  When we do that, God takes care of everything else! 

False accusations, pompous self-promotion and kangaroo courts jostled his physical life; yet, the eternal plans of God unfolded in the midst.  News of a murderous attack fell to ears that led to the foiling of the plot.  Visiting leaders offered timely advice that kept Paul in the right position to do the will of God.  The tangle of life never slowed the plan of God: Paul never faltered in his faith. 

One of my devotions dovetailed nicely with this using the story of Lydia's conversion.  Spurgeon called providence the handmaid of Grace.  I like that, don't you?  The timing of events is never arbitrary; providence is the servant of the grace of God.  Trust it. 

Then, Spurgeon pointed out Lydia sought to do the 'right thing.'  Her honoring of convention (going to a place of prayer to God) opened the door to the greatest thing of all:  supernatural touch.  Part of being in the right place at the right time is seeking the right place.   Timing and desire merged to the destination God desires:  the place where He can enter in!

Only God can open a heart...and that is always His will.  The Father desires none to perish.  He is always orchestrating lives toward that moment when the heart is ready for love to enter in.  That love is the foundation for a life of faith.  As the Truth of His love grows within our heart, confidence in His willingness and ability (faith) begins to rule our every action.  God is at work.  He always will be.  He is worthy of our trust.  Paul trusted in Jesus Christ; His faith conquers every fear.

Faith or fear...those are the two paths in life.  Choose Faith.  Come on!

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  1. Shortly after this was posted, I received a call that tests my confidence in this. Governmental changes and earthly limits combined to shut out several of our GED students from testing (or retesting) this year. Faith says God has a better plan. Fear says many will be broken-hearted, discouraged and angry. Jesus is victorious; our faith must focus on Him and let Him draw our students to the victory! Pray with us!