Monday, December 9, 2013

Attitude Revealed!

Although hated by the religious folks for teaching that the law was not what pleased God, Paul actually kept the law!  What I take from that is that the law is delightful when one is in Christ--but a barrier when one is without.  The attitude of the law keeper reveals whether they are 'in or out.'  The legalist is mean, judgmental and hypocritical; the grace-filled law keeper is gentle, relational and humble.

Yesterday Paul had pointed out he was 'repentant toward God.'  Today he explained that he used to be like the legalists--zealous toward God.  That is a fantastic distinction.  Sometimes the ones who appear to be the most zealous for God are actually the most rebellious! 

Last night we saw a commercial that just chilled my heart.  The commercial advertised things wholly contrary to scripture (i.e. channeling, traveling past lives), yet its toll free number was "LOVE-GOD."  Satan is so bold in his deceits, yet we are so easily drawn in.  The concerns of the natural world blind us to the eternal spiritual truths we need.  But Glory to God, the reverse is true as well:  HIS glory blinds us to every natural thing once we see Him.

There is a line from a song that captures the longing of my heart:

 "We will show the world how you love." 

What a goal!  He loves us unconditionally, without strings and without merit. His love transforms lives!   I want to love like that so lives will be transformed with Light.  Thy Kingdom Come!

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