Monday, November 4, 2013

Watching and waiting

The parable of the wise and foolish virgins reinforced for me the truth that it is our individual responsibility to prepare and go to meet with the Lord.  The 'alabaster box' account reminds me that lavishly loving Jesus pleases Him.  When we love Him like that, others may ridicule and point out better uses of our treasures.   Sandwiched between those reminders is the picture of a flock standing before the Great Shepherd. 

Jesus commends one group for feeding, housing, healing and visiting the least of His flock...and chastises the other group for not doing the same.  The thing that stuck me was neither group was aware of the actions Jesus spoke about.  That tells me our actions simply flow from who we are.  It is not the programs we plan and participate in--for we know the things we do in that manner. 

Evidently the things that please Jesus are simple by-products of seeking Him.  We won't notice...but He will.  So today, let's just go about the day looking for Jesus.  He is with us always.  Look for Him with love and that that brings joy to His heart (and blessing to hearts in need).

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