Sunday, November 3, 2013

Living Wholly!

Live inside out, all out:  That's my take-away this morning.  Distractions and deceptions abounded then--and abound today.  Distracted, deceived living is full of woe!  The Pharisees were caught up in the externals; the spider-web they created then trapped others!  Pursuing what is real, loving the depths and not just the exterior, is the way to live well.  It is not easy; it is the call of God for it is the reality of integrity. 

What is on the surface must match what is on the inside to be Truth.  The Pharisees loved only the outside:  the honor, the appearance of 'right.'  They knew what to do but their hearts never engaged with their outside actions.  Avoiding the hard heart-work of living inside out, created a self-righteousness that kept others away from the Truth.  Jesus said the fruit of that sort of living is woe. It is an easy way out that looks good and feels horrible!

We all long to live a life of joy and blessing, not woe.  So, let's commit to bringing out heart into the day-to-day--engaging our hearts thoroughly.  Let's not skate through the day failing to notice what is underneath the things we do and see. When we trust God to love us wholly, we become 'real' and help others to enter in as well.  Our actions must flow from a heart fixed on the integral beauty of Jesus Christ that our lives will bring blessing in a world of woe!

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