Sunday, November 10, 2013

Safe in Him

Another mini-diversion in our walk through scripture...I was prepping for Sunday School and the neatest thing was pointed out.  I thought it might bless you.  In looking at the protection we have as believers, Neil Anderson points out that part of the armor snaps in place at salvation.  We have the belt of truth (which anchors the rest of the armor), the breastplate of righteousness and the shoes of peace on when we accept Christ.  The rest of the armor involves some action on our part.

The first three pieces are secure at salvation:  belt, breastplate and the believer's position.  The enemy's first line of attack is lies.  That belt of Truth is a necessary protection.  The breastplate of righteousness is not 'doing good'--though that matters.  It is the righteousness of Christ Himself.  When we sin, we darken our way but do not wipe out that breastplate.  Our salvation is not lost but daily victories may be.  Those shoes are all about our peace with the Father.  All of the 'in place' armor helps us in our walk but it is all about protection.  Do you see that the pieces of the armor are Christ Himself?!  We enter into Jesus--in whom Satan has nothing.  That's some pretty awesome protection.

The rest of the armor involves our day-to-day living and requires some action from each of us.  In fact, Anderson points out that passive living is Satan's second favorite "Christian" lifestyle.  He prefers outright sin, but passivity will do.  We are told to take up our shield, our helmet and the sword of the Spirit.  These are the pieces that bring the daily victories that advance His kingdom.

There is something really cool thing about the shield: it can increase in size!  That shield is faith and our time in the Word and with the Lord expands that shield immensely.  The helmet is our assurance of of the believer. Like the young Hebrews in the fiery furnace, we can have total confidence that God can deliver in any circumstance--but if He doesn't, we'll still be fine!  Then there is the Sword of the Spirit.  Paul uses the Greek Word for 'spoken' Word.  We need to proclaim the Word with our lives and our lips.  The devil cannot hear our thoughts; we are to turn our hearts to Jesus and speak aloud His Truth!

All of this is to be surrounded in prayer.  Prayer is a tool that must never be taken for granted.  God wants to hear from us...just like the people around us who love us want to hear from us.  Our prayers can take us around the world and bring us victories in the world we cannot see.  Our prayers affect the spiritual world and the earthly.  Let's march as strong soldiers, friends.  Have a blessed, victorious day! 

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