Monday, November 11, 2013

I want it...and LOVE is the path!

I want what I saw in Scripture this morning as I read of the Savior’s trial, torture and execution.  Obviously my want is not the suffering--though in tiny measures it must come.  I want the quiet confidence demonstrated by Christ as He endured great injustice, betrayal, selfish ambition willing to kill innocents, rejection, physical pain and death.  His Spirit remained strong as His body and soul suffered.  That is what I want even though my reality is a ‘wimpdom’ with even the mildest form of those hurts.

I thought, too, of the perspective of Father God as this time in history unfolded.  There is no greater revelation of the scriptural truth His ways are not my ways than the sacrifice of the Savior.  Every detail was known from before Creation--yet a love I cannot grasp allowed it to proceed.  I cannot even begin to enter in to the realities of the pain of a parent watching their beloved child suffer in that way.  And that tells me that I cannot really enter in to understanding the love for a sinner like me that propelled the endurance of Father and Son.

Paul said it was that love which constrained Him…that is the path that will give me what I long for.  How blessed is that?  To get what I want, I soak in a love that will not be stopped by any evil.  Let’s keep walking on!

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