Friday, November 22, 2013

Growing Together!

My morning Bible journey found Paul outlining models...the model Church, the model servant, model brother and model work.  The picture my mind formed as I read was a circle of Light and Love that gives and grows. 

Have you ever read the story of the theology professor who invites his students to bring a picture of the person who annoys them the most to class?  In class, they are allowed to put that picture on a bulls eye and throw darts at it.  At the end of the class, the pictures have been removed and the instructor unveils what is beneath the 'bulls eye.'  It is a picture of Christ, pierced by every dart.  That's the powerful picture readily drawn from Paul's models.  The Church and every believer is IN Christ...each and everyone without merit of their own.  His love and His grace allow us to be there.  Our lives are to be His heartbeat.  We are to live and love with that total awareness.

Paul uses a cool word to say what must NOT drive us:  concupiscence.  It is selfish lusts.  Those selfish desires must be nailed to the Cross.  We are to live life out of the love we have received; enduring hard times with hope in the power and purposes of Jesus Christ; giving love to encourage others.  As we do that, we grow...encouraged and encouraging others who witness a life lived in Light.  Our lives are to be honest and open.  When we let our selfish lusts reign--and we will, we are to own it and point with broken-hearted thankfulness to the love that draws us back into the circle.  Paul admonishes us to let the Spirit flow, cherish the Prophetic word, prove (try) all things & keep the good:  stay away from anything that will mar the beauty of true Life!

We were challenged at church this week with this:  You, Christian, have the Spirit of the eternal God within...when you walk into a room, allow the Spirit to flow and change that room!  Take Jesus into the world within you today.  Let them feel Him, see Him and they will love Him!

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