Saturday, November 23, 2013

Faith reveals His glory

The apostles 'gloried' in the believers of Thessalonica because reports came in of growing faith and love being seen there.  Faith in the sovereignty of God gives us confidence to love--even in the face of trials.  Love reveals the essence of God.  Boasting in the faith and love of others is simply boasting in the building of His Kingdom!

Paul uses what I find to be a hard phrase as he speaks of trials:  "That you may be counted worthy..."  My heart is pierced as I read it for I know that my response to trials often reveals unworthiness.  Praise God for grace and growth!  What I look at as failure, God looks at as learning.  The more deeply I understand that trials have purpose and potential, the greater my faith and love will be!

Paul went onto say that the believers' hope-filled endurance of trials (which are tokens of God's judgment), gave opportunity for others to see the glory of God.  That's a powerful encouragement when trials come--they have a glorious purpose!  The Father desires that none shall perish; when He entrusts a trial to us, it is so another soul might be brought into the Kingdom.  Rejoicing in the growing faith of others is right--for it is simply rejoicing in the increasing visibility of the King!

The prayers Paul prayed for the believers are prayers we need to pray for one another.  In essence, it is the personal application of 'thy kingdom come, thy will be done.'  He prayed that believers will be counted worthy (because they have faith and increasing love!) and that that will powerfully fulfill the goodness of God!  Faith is the foundation and the pinnacle of life.  Lord, increase our faith that we might be shining revelations of your glory.


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