Saturday, October 26, 2013

What are you living for?

Jesus said blessed are those who hear and keep His word...blessed are those whose lives are fixed on the Kingdom.  We know those words, those concepts but it is so easy to become distracted.  I was drawn this morning to pick up the 150th anniversary booklet from First Baptist Church of Port Crane.  As I read of the history, it was so clear to me that history is created one life at a the midst of heartaches and struggles.  And I had to ask, am I living in a way that will result in others being blessed 150 years from now?  Phew.  That's quite a thought, isn't it?  It almost seems presumptuous...and yet, our lives are touched by those who lived before.  And our lives will touch those who come after.  I want to hear and heed the Words of Jesus.

In the scriptures this morning, I heard Jesus warn of woes and dangers.  He chastised the Pharisees, the religious folks, for neglecting judgment (of themselves) and love (of others).  He said they were a pitfall, a grave that folks fell into.  Then, He spoke to the lawyers, the legalists.  Their grief emanated from burdening others while withholding the keys to real knowledge.  Those lifestyles created darkness...Jesus calls us to look on Light so He can shine through us for the lost of this world.

Speaking to the disciples, Jesus illuminated two dangers we  still face:  hypocrisy and greed.  The blessings we receive are not because we are special.  They are because God is great and good.  We receive that we might share.  Our lives must be generous toward others.  Jesus told His disciples, 'Pray for God's Kingdom and Will to be done.'  The heart of the Father longs for all of us to receive His blessings.  Let us live to give our all because that is Christ's example...that is the will of the Father!

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