Sunday, October 27, 2013

Be a Disciple!
Jesus did not say, "Go save souls."  AH, there's a shocker!  I love when common passages shine in a different way.   Now, obviously salvation matters...the lost coin, the lost sheep.  That is not the point...but salvation is the work of the Lord.  Our work is to make disciples! 

Well, now.  That excites me.  My reading still has me walking with my Lord and here's some of the things I saw this morning.  In Jesus' day, religious people watched, judged and accused.  And it makes me ask, am I engaged and living all out--or am I looking for faults' according to me?  Jesus looked and acted--and sometimes He wept.  He called people to Himself because that is what discipleship is all about.  Coming to Him heals...and that is the salvation.  When we come to Him, His sweetness will emanate from us.

As Jesus described the Kingdom, I saw unity in the natural and the spiritual realms.  Disciples do not apply one set of rules for the day-to-day activities and another for spiritual.  When we become disciples, our life grows in richness because He affects all we are and do.  Being a disciple is key to making disciples! 

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