Friday, October 25, 2013

God reveals Himself in the midst of needs! Look for HIM.

I recently heard it said, ‘if you say it, you own it.’  Today, as I read the word, it occurred to me there is an expansion needed:  ‘if you see it, you own it.’  The religious folks that walked by the wounded man on the road, saw him…and one could reasonably assume they spoke the words—love God, love your neighbor.  They didn’t own any of it.  Jesus said neighbors show mercy when they see a need.  This world is rather small from Heaven’s perspective—we are all neighbors.  When we see a need, we should own responsibility for that need.  We must take of our resources and offer ourselves for the healing of others.  We can’t dump the injured on the inn-keeper (or the church or the psychiatrist); when we see it, it is ours.  Perhaps the difficulty with witnessing is that it is more than words?

Let's take the witness theme further:  We are witnesses of Christ.  We cannot witness of Him if we do not look for Him.  The disciples wanted to know why a man was born blind; they wanted to know  the origin of sin in that situation.  Jesus said it wasn’t about the sin—it was about revealing God.  Perhaps we sometimes try to chase down the offender more than we focus on meeting needs and seeing Jesus? 

My prayer is the Spirit will take these somewhat rambling thoughts and bless you this morning.  These partner in my mind with my devotions thoughts on Ruth ‘happening upon Boaz’s field.’  We don’t happen upon circumstances; God divinely orchestrates lives.  When we walk through life seeking to see God, He places where He desires to use us.  There are no meager fields in His Kingdom.  Look today for the needs He places in your path, look for Him to reveal Himself…and rejoice that the King of Kings knows your name and welcomes you in His work!

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