Thursday, October 24, 2013

Captives to Victory!

As the scripture moves toward the end of Jesus' ministry, Isaiah's words click into place:  "...a man of sorrows, rejected by men..."  Jesus Himself said those who follow Him must understand He has no place to lay His head, no place to call His home.  This world is not to be our home.  That is a hard truth, is it not?  We (or at least I) have a tendency to seek a comfortable Christianity...a place that feels like home.  I want to 'enjoy' my Christianity; that is not wrong.  Being a Christian is a life of joy...but it may not be comfortable and it surely will not be easy.

When I consider Christ's life as my example, a Christian club that makes me feel warm and fuzzy is the antithesis.  Jesus repeatedly told the religious folks, 'you seek me but you will die in your sins.'  Jesus is not found in the sights and sounds of this world--though He is here.  The blind and the deaf are all around us.  This world is fixated on zombies just now--not understanding that the lost are exactly that.  Christ set His face to Jerusalem...we must do the same.  We are captives in the victory procession of Jesus.  Let's rejoice in that and not be called off the path and into the crowd!

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