Friday, October 11, 2013

Walking in two realms

Two levels of living were clear to me in my devotion time this morning...and Jesus addressed both.  The scriptures I began with were the temptations of Christ.  Thrown by the Spirit into the desert, Christ faced the tempter himself.  The temptations were of the earthly realm:  physical needs, recognition and glory for self and personal accumulations, greed.  Each time, Jesus chose to honor the Father in heaven, to worship and serve Him only.

Then the passages moved into Christ's earthly ministry where Jesus addressed earthly concerns.  He did not diminish the earthly concerns in any way; He didn't stress when folks 'didn't get it.'  Jesus walked on earth in His fullness...He embraced life with heavenly footing.  I want to learn to do the same. 

Fully committed to the heavenly principles, there was nothing that held power over Jesus.  He tipped the laws of time and nature upside down when He turned water into wine to protect the dignity of those who planned poorly.  He asked John's disciples why they were following Him down the road.  And when they said, 'to see where you live,' He simply said, 'Come along.'  The misuse of the temple drew His ire; the praise of people drew no response.  He simply kept pointing above and walked on!

The fact that the people were seeking spoke loudly to me. Folks were following John and when he pointed out Jesus the second time, they simply started walking behind Him.  Now, I have a plan for most days, and rarely would I consider spontaneously changing it.  It was clear to me, though, that people in that day were seeking a higher kingdom, a higher truth.  The seeking is going on now but the distractions of life derail many.  Our voice must be strong and clear as we witness of Jesus in the world.  Jesus met people where they were at...met their needs and introduced higher, holier plans.  The song God gave me when we came south has been playing in my heart this week, and it fits:
Go in my name and because you believe, others will know that I live.

The spiritual kingdom is real and those who have received it need to share it.  This earth was a gift to us but it is intended to be a doorway not a destination.  Let us lift up the name (the character, the being) of our Lord that others will walk on higher ground with us!

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