Saturday, October 12, 2013

Got it all together? Praising God that I do not!

Time to allow the Spirit to speak into the soul is vital for all of us.  Hearing the Word without digesting the Word is a bit like folks who suffer from bulimia....ultimately you will starve.  The ministry of Jesus is the focus of my reading at this point in the chronological Bible.  On His way from Judea to Galilee, He passed through Samaria.  We all know the story:  the woman at the well.  Here's some of the things I chewed on from that passage this morning:

All of the disciples left Jesus to go get Him food...I pondered why.   Did He send them?  Did they all want to be the one that 'blessed' Him?  Perhaps that is a danger we all must consider...walking away from Jesus in the name of doing for Him?

The woman had an attitude when she first spoke to Jesus...she expected judgment from Him and gave it to Him pre-emptively.  I can relate, can't you?

When Jesus finally turned her eyes from the earthly (by unveiling the truth of her life), she left her earthly resources and plans to tell others:  "This guy knows ALL about me.  Come see what you think."  I was struck that she went in obvious humility to people who judged her every day.  I think life-changing sharing is like that:  "In my failings, I found the Savior."  It won't offend others and it may draw them to the hope they need.

When the disciples came back, they missed 'the harvest.'  They didn't even ask who the woman was or why Jesus was talking to her.  They were intent on what they had done 'for Him.'  Ouch.

As the ministry of Christ continued, His miracles resulted in faith.  I think that is still the purpose of any miracle.  People believe for different reasons.   Only He knows true heart needs.  The will of the Father is that NONE will perish--that is to be our food and our focus. 

Finally, the Truth is Jesus did not come for those who have it all together.

Then, the passage moved on to Christ reading Isaiah's prophetic words about Himself.  "The Spirit is on me to:
  • speak good news to the poor (God wants to be your friend!)
  • heal the broken-hearted
  • speak deliverance to captives
  • recover sight for the blind
  • free those who are hurt and bruised
  • speak of God's time (NOW!)
If we are feeling 'all together' and our needs are met by earthly things (even good things like church or service), there is a possibility we are missing out on the real thing....I'm praising God for the things that unsettle me and make me hungry for time with Him.  How about you?


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