Sunday, October 6, 2013


This morning devotion time continued on with passages proclaiming the sweetness of the Word.  It has a life-giving, light-producing power that comforts, instructs and guides.  It was (and is) the Word that draws my heart…I am a word person.  It is how I learn best. 
I am so thankful for the love of the Word God placed in me because there is a sad reality…and one scripture never hides.  The ‘living out’ of the Word—often gets perverted.  What shocks us is that the place it is perverted is in the Church...and rightly so.  The world isn't called to walk by the Word--we Christians are so that 'they' can see its beauty.  Then and now, it is hard to find Godly mentors—but God always has His people.  We must not give up; and we must dedicate ourselves to being that mentor.  Back to the scripture:

Evidently after the temple dedication, Nehemiah returned to his job in Babylon.  When he gets back to the Holy City, those hints of impropriety in the leadership of the Jewish people receive his full attention.  He throws out Tobiah from the temple and begins cleansing the place.   And therein is the challenge of loving God’s Word:  popularity is not our lot.  The Word clearly distinguishes between right and wrong; it separates.

The Word is worth it.  Let us love it above ourselves, our comfort, our convictions.  His Word is to be applied to US…and it will keep us from shame.  The Word will light the way if we truly love it.  God promises that His Word never returns void--empty.  Live it and watch Him work!!

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