Saturday, October 5, 2013


The power and beauty of the Word resonated in my heart as I enjoyed my devotion time this morning.  Communication is at the heart of our God.  He longs for us to hear Him, speak of Him, and praise Him.  Since I am still in the Old Testament, the revelation of Jesus Christ as the Word was not in the reading...but I simply can't speak of the Word without that at the forefront of our hearts!

The Word of God initiated the very creation of the physical world. But the Word keeps on: Our amazing God numbers, names and speaks with the individual stars of heaven!  The great treasure entrusted to the nation of Israel was the 'Word' that reveals God.  One of the Psalms I read this morning says the Word and the wind move about the earth melting snow and ice that water will flow.  The frigid, frozen places run with living water when the Word, driven by the Spirit, arrives.  The Word is food that strengthens, guides and protects.  The Word bandages, heals and builds.  The Word has power and beauty...and the words we use have the same potential.

May our hearts sing with words of praise for the Word we have received!  May our words reflect the heart of the Word who sacrificed all that we might again communicate with our Father in Heaven. 

Let us use our words with reverence for the Word and rejoicing in the Spirit that brings life!

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