Sunday, September 15, 2013


The vision God gave Ezekiel of the future temple was my reading this morning. 

I once read a book by Arthur Pink on the meaning of the details of the Old Testament was incredible.  He found spiritual meaning down to the level of the brass couplings that held the tent poles...and it wasn't a stretch.  It was solid exciting info.  I suspect there is as much meaning in Ezekiel's vision because the Spirit told him to pay close attention...that God was showing him the vision that he would understand and share.  My spirit soars to contemplate the complexity, purpose and beauty in the vision but I can not even approach the details.
The big picture holds me captive!  This vision was given to people who had been in captivity for 25 years.  That tells me God wants us to contemplate the glories awaiting us while we are groaning in this land.  The vision depicts a place with many compartments, with space, with unity and with design.  For folks like me who love to probe and explore the joys of Christian living, the vision humbles me.  The spiritual aspects are even more glorious than the physical--and I can't comprehend those details.  And by the way--this will be on earth during the millennial reign.  We'll have the joy of being in the heavenly New Jerusalem where there is not a temple.  Everything on earth is just a foreshadowing of awesome heavenly there's some thoughts for us to feast on today.  Have a joyful Lord's day!

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