Monday, September 16, 2013

Proclaiming Truth!

The immense privilege of entering into  Christ is my heart's rejoicing this morning.  Ezekiel continued to experience the vision of the millennial temple.  All of the Old Testament 'types' (Holy Place, the temple courts, the sacrificial system, the priestly robes and roles) will be in force in that temple--still proclaiming the very Truths which Christ fulfilled.  

We, as believers IN Christ, must never take for granted the awesome Truth we are to live!  In His perfection and power, Christ became and OVERCAME all that which separated us from the Father!    When we receive what He has done, the totality of the temple Truths are proclaimed in our lives.  I can't really wrap my mind around that...but I sure enjoy trying!  Take a few moments and walk through Ezekiels vision...consider the magnificence of the temple and the beauty of what Christ has done for us.  You will be rejoicing too!

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