Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Flow River Flow!

Sweet passage to read this morning...I love that out of the millennial temple, from near the altar, the river of life flows forth.  That river goes from ankle deep to a massive river...water that brings life and healing along its route.  In the earthly realm, I love to look at water but I am truly afraid of it--there is a spiritual parallel too.  Learning to walk in the ankle-deep water of the spirit life is a joy.  But allowing the Spirit total control, letting myself be swept into the depths, that is a faith-building experience for sure! 

I was reminded by this passage that even the land has suffered a curse from sin.  But in the end, the name of the millennial city is "Jesus is there!"  There is peace coming.  And for those of us who have accepted Jesus Christ, it is already here.  Enjoy the river of life; let it take you to the place of healing and fruitful living!

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