Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It's okay not to know it all!

I am a 'fixer.'  If I see something wrong, I want to change it:  faulty ideas, wrong actions, they bug me!  Sometimes that is okay...sometimes that is pride.  In either case, it is not the most peaceful way to live :)! 

The confident, quiet faith of Daniel spoke to me loudly this morning.  At this point in the scripture, Daniel is well-established as a man of God in Babylon.  Yet Nebuchannezer still calls him by the Babylonian name, Belteshazzar.  Nebuchannezer sees the witness of Daniel but insists on his own (in my opinion) perverted interpretation--using the name that honors his gods.  Daniel does not appear to be troubled by that errant view.  Daniel does not 'correct' the king or try to change him--he responds with reverence for God and respect for the king. He loves the king within the context of loving The KING. We are to love and serve others in that same way.  Fixing is God's is our job!

Daniel shows us how to proclaim Truth without feeling the need to become amateur providences or right every wrong.  What a way to live!  We do not need to 'prove' our rightness, fix everything that is wrong or defend the goodness of God.  We are called to be witnesses of what He shows us, to live with integrity and trust that God works things out for the good of all.

As I read on, I saw Daniel evidence that same quiet acceptance in another manner.  After years of watching Daniel interpret for others, we see Daniel faced with his own visions that puzzle him.  He seeks and receives understanding...yet partial understanding.  Those visions remain future prophesies.  The details remain to be worked out even now--more than 2500 years later.  It reminded me of Paul's words in Corinthians:  we see through a glass darkly, we know in part.  One day we will see clearly, but for now we are to live with humble trust....and there is great power in humility! 

Nebuchannezer summed up what I saw in these words about Daniel, "...No secret troubles thee." 

That is how I want to live...untroubled by what I do not understand because I know the One who has it all in view and under His control. 

OH...and by the way.  Nebuchannezer came to know the Lord and pay honor to Him!  It's a beautiful passage of consequences that produce the very desire of God:  that they will know Him.  Daniel couldn't 'save' Nebuchannezer.  We can't save those we love.   But a life of consistent witness--God will use it for great and mighty things!  Flip open your Bible and enjoy Daniel 4:34-37.

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