Saturday, September 28, 2013

Will it work? Everyone do as you please.

Zechariah's prophesies wrapped up in my reading this morning with the joyful destination of:  Holiness Unto the Lord!  I dragged out a map to look at the Mount of Olives and picture the division of the mountains as Zechariah described.  The range will pull apart to the north and south.  That looks to me like it creates a valley that opens up a river of living water from the Mediterranean Sea to the Dead Sea.  How cool is that?!  The salt-laced sea where nothing lives will have living water flowing into it!  While that is end-time prophesy, I think it is present-day reality.  Scripture promises that living water flows from all of us who Believe and let life flow today!

The readings went from there to Esther.   I had never noticed the line that says King Ahasuerus  had commanded that folks should " according to every man his pleasure."  Now that is a nice philosophy.  If only we could all do whatever is we wish to do so everyone could be happy... 

It doesn't take long in the book of Esther to realize that simply is not a realistic approach to ruling (or living).  The King's pleasure soon conflicted with the Queen's preferences.  The King (and his minions) realized that if the preference of others were honored, their own honor suffered--and that was unacceptable.  What is true in the natural realm is true in the spiritual realm.  There has to be a Ruler in life.  God alone is worthy of our honor.  Why not choose today the destination that God has chosen:  Holiness Unto the Lord!

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