Friday, September 27, 2013

Praise Points

My morning devotion time kept me coming back to the passages and re-reading them today--that's why this is so late in being entered.  The first few pages were a breeze...Psalms of praise.  Then came prophecies from Zechariah that involved the fulfillment of God's plan--and Christ's coming.  The truth is, I find the working of God's perfect plans difficult sometimes.  God is, and God is good.  While there are no 'buts' to follow that, the process of bringing we stubborn humanity to our knees includes heartache and tears.  The grieving is as much a part of the process as praising.

Though I am a positive thinker and believe in the power of watching our thought life, I don't believe positive thinking eliminates all negatives.  The bottom line is this: a broken and contrite heart is the entry point of true praise.  Seeing all that Jesus did for us includes broken-ness for all that we did to Him.  The beginning of the passage included Praises because the temple was completed and dedicated.  Christ's work is done but we have a lifetime of working out what He has worked into us. 

And that brings me full circle.  An old silly phrasing this brought to mind for me is this:  "When I get it all together, sometimes I forget where I put it."  My life of faith seems to be a continual journey of exploration that rightly returns me to Jesus Christ and His sacrificial work on my behalf.  That is the only worthwhile, eternal praising we can do!

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