Thursday, September 26, 2013

Unity from all perspectives

Ah, I would love hours to camp on the scriptures I read this morning.  The beauty and depth of God's Word floods my heart sometimes.  Beautiful imagery throughout this morning.  Zechariah and Ezra continue ministering to the (discouraged) people.  Ezra's words are grounded and immediate; Zechariah's words reached into the spiritual dimension to lift the people up.

Zechariah saw Joshua (the high priest) standing before the LORD clothed in filthy rags--in the picture stood the Devil.  But God (aren't those beautiful words!?) rebuked the enemy saying, "I chose this one."  Then, the LORD clothed and crowned Joshua.  When we seek the Lord, it is in rags and the enemy is there...but God!  It is the but God which transforms the whole situation!  Rejoice in HIM.
The visions continued with the realities of evil's presence--but the reality of God's awareness, purpose and ultimate victory! 

Then, Ezra...he records the blessings God orchestrates from the obstructions intended by Israel's enemies.  The complaints against Israel in the earthly realm ended up bringing an abundance of support for the nation.  All of life is multi-dimensional.  God utilizes different people and different circumstances to bring about His purposes. 

The part I loved the most this morning, though, was as Zechariah went before God asking "Should we do...?"  I often have questions for God, don't you?  I struggle to put those earthly and spiritual dimensions together smoothly.  God spoke to Zechariah, saying 'Be honest with yourself, others and me.  Be concerned about others.  Know that I am at work.'  Those thoughts quiet me.  I need God's help for all of them...but He's willing if I am (if you are!).  In that willingness is the completion of God's plan--He dwells with us.  What a joy.  May your day be blessed.

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