Sunday, September 29, 2013

Coming before the King!

Continuing on in Esther, I couldn't help but compare King 'A' with the King of Kings.  Esther and the other young virgins prepared for a year to purify themselves before being presented to the King.  At that point, one would be chosen and all others effectively defiled from my point of view.  Terrible odds; what courage Esther and Mordecai demonstrated in entering into the competition for Queen. 

Now look at our King!  He says come as you are.  His love is so great He calls each of us by name; no one is left out who comes before Him. We don't prepare to be beautiful; He finds beauty even in our deepest, ugliest reprobate state.

Later in the passage we learn no one is allowed to enter the King's presence while mourning.  Nothing is allowed that might darken the skies of King 'A.'  Beyond that, no one is allowed to enter the King's view if they are not invited.

Then there is Jesus.  Come ALL ye who are weary and heavy-laden!  There is a standing, open invitation from our King.  Scripture tells us a broken and contrite heart is never despised by Him.  He is the balm that heals, the comfort for hearts in need.
But I did see one similarity.  When Mordecai did 'right', it was recorded in the annals of the King.  While no reward came with that at the time, ultimately doing right saved Mordecai's life (and brought humiliation to his tormentor).  God records our right choices and the eternal rewards are without question.  Doing right may generate challenges for those around us--but that moves hearts in the direction of the King which in turn produces more rewards.  Hallelujah to our King.  Praise Him today!

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