Monday, September 30, 2013

Love LIFE!

The value God places on LIFE was my morning take away.  That and the truth that God wants us to value it as well.  Esther told King 'A' she wouldn't have bothered him if her people had 'only' been sent to captivity but their lives were at stake.  Sometimes I feel like we human beings are a whiny lot...we have so much and yet want more.  I want to learn to rejoice in the very fact that I have LIFE!

The Jewish people did just that.  The King did not put a blanket of security around them in response to the threat on their lives.  He said they could stand up for themselves.  The scriptures say that opportunity produced  "light, gladness, joy and honour." for the people!  "They stood for life and had rest from their enemies."  So in the midst of whatever battle life may send our way today, I pray we will be determined to rejoice in the opportunity and STAND for LIFE.

Finally...the scriptures marched on to the birth of Socrates (not that the Bible talks about him, it was just on my historical timeline) and King Artaxerxes.  Now this King A provided everything Ezra and the people needed for the work of the Lord.  And Ezra reminds us how that happens:  the King of Kings moved his heart to make those provisions.  Tying all this into the New Testament:  Jesus came that we might have ABUNDANT life and we have everything we need for a victorious life.  So...forward march!

PS Please pray for my friend Terri and her family.  She was taken to the hospital early this morning after suffering severe stomach pains and convulsions.  Her family seems to be under attack in a major way as her daughter is just being released from the hospital following an ectopic pregnancy.  Thank you!

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