Thursday, September 12, 2013

Quiet Courage

"How long, God?"  It's a cry we all feel sometimes...the book of Revelation says the martyrs under the throne say the same.  As I read more of the fall-out and judgments surrounding Israel, my mind felt that way this morning.  THEN, I reached the awesome example of Daniel and his companions.  I so want to be like them in a world that demands allegiance and threatens destruction!

Nebuchanezzer was the tool God used to bring widespread judgment.  He mistakenly thought he was the hand (instead of the tool).  Puffed up on his victories, he commanded all to worship his image.  We don't read of any protests by the Jews or disrespectful opposition.  We simply see the enemy raising up accusations by others.  The faithful servants of God went about worshipping their God and choosing right--even at the threat of death.  When confronted for their 'failure,' their reply was quiet as well.  "We're not wanting a fight, we simply will not worship anyone but God."

That is the kind of quiet courage I want to live.  It is not confident courage in me, but sold out confidence on the God whom I serve.  He has a plan I can trust.  Part of this story is that the fire had no power over them.  I want to remember the trials of this world have no power over me.  God used the example of these faithful youth to change the heart of Nebuchanezzer.  The command to worship his own image was replaced with a command to worship the God who can deliver from the fires!  Now, it took some time for Nebuchannezer to wholly 'get it' but the seeds were planted by four teens who would not trust in any but God.

Who does God want to change through our example?   

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