Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sins' damage AND possibilities

The far-reaching consequences of sin struck me this morning.  Israel finally got honest about their sin...which is a step up from those in captivity with Ezekiel.  Israel remained deep in deception; they perceived their problem as 'stopping their sacrifices to false gods' instead of the reality of turning from the One True God.  (Kind of like plucking off the top of weed but leaving the root--and don't we all tend to do that with our sins!).  Ezekiel, though, said those in Babylon, will still uttering sweet words of love to God--and running after their own desires with their feet. 

The passion of God is that all will KNOW HIM.  God will stop at nothing to fulfill that passion.  He longs for the awareness to penetrate each heart that He is God, He is love and He is worthy.  The consequences for the rebellion of Israel began falling on Egypt, Ammon and all the nations surrounding them.  And as those devastations are outlined, each passage ends with "...that they will know I am God."  When we slip, when we fall, when we turn from God, others get hurt.  The Truth of God, the reality of the redemption of rebels, remains eternally constant.  He still wants each of us to know Him and enjoy Him in all His glory!

For the 'flip side of sin' and our potential in its presence, consider this challenging application on how to take sins and do something fantastic with them, consider this from Oswald Chambers devotion for today.  Pay attention to the people God brings around you, he says.  The actions of those who aggravate and pierce you reflect the very same actions you have demonstrated toward God.  Now, go treat those hurtful, aggravating folks the way He treats you.  That line brings me to my knees--in thankfulness for the love and mercy He continually gives me and in humble awareness that I cannot respond His way on my own.  The victory over sin has already been won!  Let's live in the victory of Christ and let Him live out His love to all around us.

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