Friday, September 13, 2013


Some observations I'm still mulling:

Ezekiel is repeatedly called the Son of Man...the title often used for Christ.  I struggle with his prophesies of judgment and realized perhaps I don't like to see Jesus as the Judge.  But it's scriptural.

The responsibility to warn of judgment is serious.  Individual response is a personal matter and equally serious.  Life or death.  I'm not responsible for your choice but I am responsible for speaking truth.  Well, ouch.

Not everything that happens is divine judgment.  Sinful attacks do happen--and God sees them.  He has the situation in hand. 

Shepherds...Christians...sometimes use the people they are supposed to be serving.  Doing good is enjoyable, even addictive.  It can be an idol.  It's one of mine.  We are to be servants of the most high God.  Sometimes the work will please us...but not always.  I have to ask myself all the time, am I doing this for me or for Jesus.   Whatever we do, we are to do for the glory of God.  He watches.  He knows.

And is for the glory of God that He pursues us, forgives us, cleanses us and transforms us.  His glory gleams forth when we receive His work.  When we let Him till the soil of our hearts, He produces glorious beauty that lets others know who He is...our deficiencies are the place He works.  Makes me think of Paul's words:  I will boast in my weaknesses because there you see the strength of God.  We serve a mighty God...let's be transparent and vulnerable so others can see Him!

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