Sunday, September 1, 2013

Living Faith NOT Dead Religion

Our God is alive and present tense!  Continuing on in Ezekiel, the names of those "devising wickedness" again captured my attention.  Yesterday we had a name that meant 'heard of God;' today we had "delivered by God and built by God."  As I read and asked God, how can such testimonies produce evil, it hit me:  all were past tense.  We are not to live on a faith from the past.  We can not.  Ezekiel was in the Spirit, listening and acting.  God is always present, always at work.  Our destination...His plan for our that we be with Him.  Jesus came that we might have abundant life!

The people were going into captivity because they rested in the temple and the promised land--instead of IN Him.  God had to remove those blessed things so folks would seek Him, the Blessing Giver.  Religion is not what God has in mind for us...relationship is His goal!

Ezekiel was told to live out the relationship he shared with God.  He was to live the testimony of active connection with God.  My take away from this:  beware of settling with...or being...those caught up in religious activity not initiated by God.  Prophets--religious folks--who follow their own spirit are going nowhere (except captivity).  Passionately seek God and live the Word He gives you.

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