Saturday, August 31, 2013

Knowing of God but not knowing Him brings sin.

Exciting stuff from Ezekiel this morning!  My first awareness was that divine wrath is at its heart pure consequence.  Speaking of rebellious, unfaithful Israel, God says their ways and their sins will come upon them.  Violence grows into a rod of wickedness and a sinful heart is an empty, diseased vessel.  What a heartrending picture. 

Sometimes I feel led to pray 'break my heart for what breaks yours, Lord.'--and often I have to say, 'stop.'  I can't see any more, Lord.  Ezekiel was taken to the temple of Jerusalem and saw terrible ugly things.  Unholy worship that led to the glory of God departing.  The names of the people Ezekiel saw were eye-opening to me:  Jaazaniah, son of Shaphan.  Jaazaniah implies one who has heard of God; Shaphan speaks of hidden treasure.  Do you not know people in the church who have only heard of the preciousness of God?  God wants us to KNOW Him, not know of Him. 

And there is what breaks God's heart.  Knowing of Him and not knowing Him.  I can't look at that too long because its results kill.  When I hit that point, God says look to me, follow my commands. I have this! Within the scripture passage, God directs men and angels to act.  I have only to listen to the Spirit's command, trust the plans, power and activity of God and go where He sends me.  That keeps me in Him, His glory surrounding me.  It is how I know HIM...the treasure of His mercy and power.

We are the temple of the Spirit today.  Allowing His glory to fill us and direct us brings light to the world around us.  May His LIFE shine in and out of us every day!

  In him was life; and the life was the light of men.  John 1:4


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