Friday, August 30, 2013

Share what you see!

Stepped into Ezekiel this morning...right into the presence of the glory of God.  One of my favorite 'lines' peppered throughout the OT is "...that they will know that I AM God."  The heartbeat of our awesome LORD is that:  to be known in all His glory.  The imagery of Ezekiel is similar to that of Revelation...far beyond my total comprehension, but there are some nuggets I want to share.

Ezekiel was with the captives...while they were crying, evidently he was seeking the Lord.  God is found by those who seek.  The angelic beings that descended remind me that God is active and moving in our world. 

Their witness is to be mine:  I need to march forward with the Spirit--the wheel in the middle of the wheel.  God has plans and purposes for this world; He has plans and purposes for each life.  I need to trust in His direction--that He will direct and He will do...I 'only' need to surrender.    (Isn't that an incredible glimpse of our great and might God?  He 'surrenders' to our will in that?!)

The privilege of witnessing the glory of God comes with a responsibility to share what is seen.  Intimate relationship with God partnered with obedience fulfills the purposes of God.   Too often, the work we do captures our attention when it is the work He is doing while we obey that really matters. 

A witness sees and shares only what God reveals.  Ezekiel was rendered mute except for the words God gave him.  Those words were precious to Ezekiel but they certainly did not exempt him from hardship and tears.  In fact, Ezekiel was called to live out the message God entrusted to him.  Sometimes his 'calling' must have felt pointless--lie on your side for over a year, be a 'spectacle'...  Our lives, our calling, is to be in response to God alone.  Our lives are to be a visible testimony of God. 

When we look at God as He is--when we 'know' Him as He desires--His power flows through us, accomplishing the purposes He desires in our lives and others!  Our joy will be in the knowing--not the doing.  Might you feast on His Word today, letting it fill you and delight you with His glory.

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