Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Chasing Truth

Have you every poured out your heart to someone and received no response?  No acknowledgment, no disagreement, no indication you register at all?  Have you ever thought of the Bible as God pouring His heart out? 

Ezekiel laid it on the line as the very mouthpiece of God and the basic response was 'We don't know what you are talking about.'  It makes me think of the cell phone commercial 'Can you hear me now?'  God is calling, He doesn't want our sins to kill us.  The lies we speak, the lies we chase are what will kill us.  The Truth gives freedom and life. 

What Truth do you need today?  My Truth I needed today:  Our personal value is in the eyes of God--not in pleasing others, not in pursuing peace at all costs.  The lies we run after usually 'look good'--their unveiling can hurt but disguising them kills.  Let His Light in and let it heal.

Chase God with me today!

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