Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hide or Seek?

Ezekiel is a hard book--for hard-headed folks!  The harsh judgments of sinful living weigh on my heart.  The passage today spoke of two sisters who turned away from God.  One (the northern kingdom) went in to overt rebellion; the other (Judah and the holy city) cloaked their sin with religious activities.  Though God doesn't rank individual sins, He is pretty clear in these passages that the second approach is more noxious to Him.  There may be more danger sitting in a pew with a cloaked heart than parking on a bar stool.

Many times scriptures cautions us not to 'judge' others but judgment itself is a reality throughout the scriptures.  The focus we choose must be the righteousness of God not the rightness of others (or ourselves).  Scripture is clear that all will bow before God one day.  We will be accountable for our own lives--and the lives of those we led astray by our witness.  What a waste of time to be focusing on 'sin' in others when we have so much within ourselves.  Judah condemned her sister when the greater condemnation was for herself.  May that not be our witness!

We are to allow the Spirit to search us and try us; it is dangerous not to do that.  It is far too easy to hide behind 'religion' and opinions of right and wrong...the devil helps us every step of the way.  Sometimes the devil uses lies to comfort us and sometimes to attack us.  The Word pierces our souls and purifies us by providing the Light in our own soul. As we live by the Light within, others will see Him.  That is the Light source that will transform us; it prepares us for our eternal inheritance.

Our choice is this:  inherit ourselves or inherit the Kingdom of God.  God allowed Judah to inherit 'herself' and her ways.  It was ugly because her pursuits had been ugly.  Let's run after God, so He can pour Himself into our lives!


  1. this makes me think of how Jesus spoke to people. Especially with the woman at the well. Did he say....YOU SINNER! You've had five husbands and you are now living in sin with another man?? nope!!! He didn't. He was a lot more gentle with her than that.

  2. I had to go read it to remind myself how He did respond. Great example to pull out...He let her recognize it and then addressed her with the term she was 'meant to be' - wife. Very cool. Love that point. Love you!