Sunday, August 4, 2013

Real work

The work we do as Christians does not matter.  That is a stark statement from one who loves to do, but the truth is sweet when you unpack it.  Christ is the transforming power; our work is just a framing.  Whether a Christian is physically incapacitated, impoverished or a world-famous athlete, the indwelling Spirit is the power. 

The relationship the Christian enjoys with Christ will enhance and influence every--any--dimension of life.  The plans of Gods are entwined to produce His loving, perfect purposes.  The way to bring those purposes about is to seek Him in the midst of the ugliness of this sin-damaged world.  THAT creates the relationship that gives sight to the blind and hearing to the deaf!

Two really cool passages this said that God was concerned with lip-service religion, so He planned a great work.  His great work?  The wisdom of the wise would perish and the understanding of the prudent would fail.  Relationship is an individual thing--and evidently a poverty of help is the best way to draw people back to Himself.  Truly His ways are not ours...and His ways are perfect. 

Then, it said the convicting part for 'workers'--those who erred in spirit would understand and those who murmured would learn doctrine.  When our hearts are not reflecting the beauty of Christ, we are quite likely erring and murmuring.  All the while God is working the lives of others and in our own.  Isn't that amazing?  Quick thoughts with a depth to chew on all day!  To God be the glory!

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