Saturday, August 3, 2013


Sennacherib set up a siege under Jerusalem.  Hezekiah stripped gold from the temple doors and pillars and emptied out the silver to appease him.  BUT he also gathered the elders together to plan a defense and spoke words of encouragement to the people.  I'm like that sometimes too...demonstrating a divided heart in times of struggle.  All scripture is written so we might learn...let's not strip the temple of its beauty.  Let us enter in and enjoy every bit of our LORD!

The enemy continually spouted words of mockery, trying to instill doubt in the power of God.  In fact, Sennacherib's agents claimed God had sent them to Jerusalem and defeat was sure.  When they were not getting the results they wanted from the leaders, they took the appeal to the masses...promising blessings for defecting.  But the enemy is never satisfied, payment will never be in full because the end is death when we leave the Giver of Life.  The Enemy has been casting words of doubt about God since the Garden of Eden.  We must recognize his tactics and armor up!  We must help others armor up too.

Put on the Helmet of salvation remembering the Mind of Christ is ours!  Let the free gift of the Breastplate protect your heart.  Lift that shield of Faith in God's goodness and power and deflect the enemy's assaults.  Pull out that Sword and slay the lies.  Buckle on the Belt of Truth and march forward with the Good News that God IS and God IS for you!  One step at a time enjoying Jesus every step of the way is the Way to peace, joy and victory.  We don't have to be right; we don't have to see the end result--we only need to see Him and know He IS able.

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