Monday, August 5, 2013


Wait on the LORD, that's the message I heard this morning.  Don't run in search of ease and comfort; Christ endured for the grand purposes of God--so must I.  Perhaps that is the blessing of slowing with age.  When I was young running was easier--fewer ties that could hold me, more energy.  With age I find an understanding of responsibilities that settles me, a growing confidence in God that steadies me.  But sometimes, I still want to run away.  I want to find a sweet comfortable spot, but that is not necessarily the place of God's purpose. 

If you are in a place that feels like the fire and flood is seeking to consume you, wait.  God allows only that which will remove the false things we trust in...the enemies of His glory.  His purposes are behind all in this world and as Oswald Chambers says, He is shaping us into the design of His purposes.  Created and shaped by the perfect, loving is worth waiting for.   He is worth waiting for...  Astoundingly, Isaiah says He waits for us.  He is not in a hurry and though our pain is His pain, He waits so that He can lift us up and pour out His mercy.  Jewels are refined in a fire; trust His beautifying work.  The end result is quiet confidence and a heart that sings.  May you feel the prayers that flow with this devotion...and may we unite in prayer together for His glory to burst forth in lives around us.

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