Friday, July 12, 2013

What can draw us together?

God calls to our hearts individually, but we are meant to draw together.  Our triune God portrays unity in His work with us...the Father, Son and Spirit are united in purpose, equally glorious but unique in their work.  Made in His image, we, as individuals have unique designs intended to unite with others.  The only thing strong enough to draw us together (and keep us together) is the glory of God.  With eyes and hearts committed to Him, self-interest and false gods fall lifeless to the ground.

Often, though, His glory slides from our view and some ugly things happen.  We chase after our own pleasures and preferences, praising everything but Him.  In Israel, Ephraim hoarded the blessings God bestowed, pridefully crowning themselves. God said the pride of Ephraim were drunkards.  In Judah, Ahaz crowned the false gods with the holy things from the Temple of God.  He literally robbed the Temple to honor Assyrian gods.  Captivity came.  Yet, one heart burdened for a relationship with God Himself grew into a tide of responses that changed the heart of a nation. One young man, Hezekiah, the son of Ahaz, chose God and challenged others to do the same.  One at a time, hearts turned to God and gazed on His glory! 

It can still happen.  When God calls to our hearts, when He pours blessings into our lives, a right response will begin to draw others to His goodness.  Christianity is to be lived in relation with others with the glory of God as our sole focus.  All that God gives is meant to be shared that we might worship Him together;  we offer a chorus of praise. 

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