Thursday, July 11, 2013

Love that heals

The heart of the Father was before my eyes this morning.  We 'talk' about the wrath of God and the punishment (captivity and/or discipline) and those are realities.  But if we fail to look at His heart as we consider them, we miss a beautiful truth.  God does allow us to find the emptiness of our choices.  He allows us to feel the pain of marching away from Him.  He even orchestrates trials to show us those things...He endures the pain of watching us hurt for His eternal, good purposes.  He never stops loving or calling or wrapping His arms around us when we turn to Him. 

If you are a parent, do you remember the first time your precious child lashed out in anger with "I hate you!"?  It hurts even when you know they don't understand what they are saying--nor is it a deep truth.  More piercingly, have you felt the sword of a teen or adult child who rejects you...or chooses a lifestyle fraught with heartache?  Even if you are not a parent, rejection is something we all experience in this life.  Just as Jesus shares in our suffering, those devastations allow us to enter into the sufferings of God.  They bring the heart of God into view.  It is that pain--and the willingness, the compulsion, to love through it that reveals an important aspect of our Father's heart.

As we go about our day, might we let our hearts feel his pain and the healing balm of love that never stops flowing from Him.  And then let that love surround you, fill you and flow from you.

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