Saturday, July 20, 2013

Our tears; His tears

Yesterday we looked at the things which bring us to tears.  Today my Bible reading included some ugly passages of judgment on the pagan nations surrounding Israel and Judah.  The harsh realities that accompany rejecting God are not popular topics in our world today, and I don't enjoy reading or talking about them either.  You know what?  Neither does God.  In those passages of prophetic judgment we read that God weeps and his heart plays the mournful sound of a harp.  The truth is He loves us too much NOT to bring judgment.  God never allows hurt that is purpose-less.  Every hurt is designed for a good, high, eternal purpose.  Faith in that concept is the vehicle to victory!

Have you ever known anyone who dealt with MRSA--the current, dreaded infection that is so difficult to cure?  Part of the process is an excising of the infected tissue...and that requires cutting into living tissue.  The pain is said to be tremendous, yet it is the only hope of health.  Our sin is the same.  The purifying judgments move us toward health. 


Trust His hand; it is a hand full of love and purpose.  He cries with us and for us, but He faithfully loves and carries us.


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  1. Hosea 11:8 (NLT) gives a beautiful picture of the heart of God that melds with this: "My heart is torn within me, and my compassion overflows." God is so good. His heart so different from our own. May gazing upon it truly bless you!