Sunday, July 21, 2013

Not that!

Coming to devotion time can be such a cool adventure!  The Holy Spirit has a message to convey--and when I am open to receive it, I am awed by the weaving He produces.  So today:  humble need was the reminder in so many ways.  "Do you love me..." was the passage that kept coming to mind.  It was not in my planned reading--nor in anything I've been covering.  I went and listened again.  I hear twin questions in that passage.  'Do you love me more than you love the precious things/people of the world?' and an appeal to check my heart for jealousy.  Our focus must not be 'do I love God more than this one loves God?'

Peter's journey was to agape that is more than mutual interests; love that puts the glory of God above all else.  It sets aside personal agendas and plans even going where you do not want to go.  Tradition says Peter's death was crucifixion--but his focus was on not impinging the honor of His Lord.  He requested they crucify him upside down to prevent any parallels being drawn.  That passion for the glory of God is the destination I want to chase!

Now back to the weaving of the Spirit.  My reading is deep in the OT, in one of my favorite books:  Isaiah.  I have to confess, sometimes Isaiah scares me.  His picture of servanthood is intense.  And today, where do I come but this:  "And the LORD said, Like as my servant Isaiah hath walked naked and barefoot three years..."  Please, no, LORD!  That much shame?  I was pierced with understanding that my desire and ability to follow where the Lord leads is wholly inadequate.

And what did the Spirit do?  Took me to my Oswald Chambers devo that said in poor paraphrase, 'If Jesus only showed me what I ought to do, despair would be the only response.  But He doesn't.  He puts His own life within me.' 

Now I'll tell you...I don't want to be crucified upside down, I don't want to walk naked...and those are not the point.  I want God to be glorified and I am so excited that He is trustworthy.  He will not lead where I cannot follow.  His glory is the goal we are called to pursue!  May HE fill our hearts to overflowing that others will taste His sweetness and desire more.

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