Saturday, July 6, 2013

Live with Power!

"So Jotham became mighty because he prepared his ways before the LORD His God."

Sometimes the world discourages me.  Sometimes I discourage me.  Self-centeredness rears its ugly head to rule so many own included.  Rarely do I feel the cry of 'Why, God?' roiling through my heart; it is usually, 'Why, people?'  The old 'pull yourselves up by your bootstrap' approach to life is deeply ingrained in me.  I tend to be frustrated when open doors are ignored and paths of ease (and destruction!) are chosen.  My heart screams "Think, people" but the still small voice of God says "Love people."

That temptation to blame only serves to further discourage folks.  "Ought to" is a divisive approach the accuser of the brethren loves to see us pursue.  Right becomes wrong when we pursue it outside the essence of God.  Mercy, grace, boundaries of right and wrong, security, encouragement...those are God's ways.  Like Jotham, our lives are mighty in Him.

Each person is a treasure in the design process of God; I need to value His work.  It is all about the glory of God being revealed.  My ideas, knowledge, work will interfere with the work of God if I love them more than Him--and His workmanship.  What God reveals to me--the paths He opens for me--must be walked in faith.  Captives will be freed, strengthened and powered to walk His paths too.  THEN His glory will burst forth.

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